About Us

Designing the future Together


e-PROJECT21 was established in 2003.


From the beginning, our mission was to respond to market signals that need professional support in supply and logistics in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector.


It was and is important for our clients that we cooperate in optimizing the costs of materials supply and contracting services. The types of services we offer are the sum of extensive experience and many years of cooperation with Suppliers and Customers from domestic and foreign companies.

They chose e-PROJECT21 when they were looking for: technology, materials, partners, outlets.

Our customers up to now::
Grupa Azoty PROREM Sp. z o.o., ANTCZAK Sp. z o.o., JURA Zakład Remontowo Budowlany, KUFIKAS KSK Sp. z o.o., FB Jacek Ciapała, SPARK Import, AXEL Japan Corp., VLM GmbH, Farfor Group, Traficator AB, Milford AB, LJ Produkter AB, VLM s.p.a..